On The Road With Kamstrup

Photograph depicting water pipeline construction work in Microfton, AL captured for Kamstrup case study article.

When our friends at Kamstrup decided to roadtrip through Alabama and Tennessee to capture success stories on video as part of the Insights case study collection, we got the call to provide photography support along the way. Photo libraries like these are great for use in case studies, but also work well on social, in […]

Tips for Repurposing Visual Content

I’ve been a collector of many things over the years starting with stickers, then records, guitars, radios, cameras and more. Collecting can be great fun, but it can also get overwhelming.  The video footage and still images we collect from client shoots can feel that way sometimes, but there is value to be had in […]

Atlanta Ballet’s “Coco Chanel – The Life of a Fashion Icon”

Atlanta Ballet dancer portrays Coco Chanel.

When the Atlanta Ballet got in touch and asked us to partner with them and produce promo videos for the North American Premiere of “Coco Chanel: The Life of a Fashion Icon” we jumped at the opportunity. Ideas started flowing as soon as we read “One dancer weaving through mannequins, using light and shadow to […]

Video + Photo = Hybrid Shoot Success!

We capture and create visual content for different companies, organizations, schools and more to use in marketing and promotional campaigns. For many years, we were focused on video creation only, but in 2019 added photography as a service we provide too. We understand that when we show up with a team of people, carts of […]

You Don’t Need a Big Budget, Just Good Ideas!

This Content Marketing Institute article provides good data to back up our experience that both the popularity and need for high quality video content for business continues to grow; but the examples cited cover a wide range of budgets, so let’s take a closer look at what happens after a client knows they need a […]

MBM Creates Holiday Videos!

Considering our offices are in Atlanta, GA and near San Francisco, CA, dreaming about a white Christmas isn’t very practical. But the classic movie starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen is a favorite regardless. Like this movie, Jim and I both love all things old. While not fitting under the vintage […]

Mapping Creativity Pt. 2

After Jim attended the Mapping Creativity #fieldtrip hosted by Creative Mornings, we had more than a few conversations and email exchanges about it. Talking about different ways of simply getting ideas out of your head started a whole new discussion. After including our good friend, colleague, and lead video editor, David Robinson, he shared this […]

Mapping Creativity

I’ve always loved maps. Anytime a book has a map I spend hours pouring over it, imagining the world that is represented from that idealized bird’s eye view, seeing relationships between places that enhance and deepen my understanding of the story being told. When I travel I always study maps of the place I’m visiting […]

A Better Way Diagram

As a visual content production company, we produce a lot of great work, but we don’t talk about it enough. Much of our work is created in a vacuum and after a project is done and delivered, I hate to admit this, but it’s often out of sight, out of mind. That’s going to change. […]

Kaki King at the Ferst Center for the Arts

We are never short on ideas for “cool” projects to work on. Whether those ideas can actually pay the bills is another matter though. We were fortunate recently to work on a “real” project that is reminiscent of something we’d dream up. Kaki King, a Brooklyn, NY based composer and musician, who is known for […]

When The Sex Pistols Came to Town, Part 2: San Francisco

I’ve been a listener, collector and player of music for decades. Like most people, I have distinct phases of fandom that have come and gone over the years. One in particular is a love of punk rock. That flame still burns hot. Not surprisingly, I’ve listened to the Sex Pistols quite a bit and it […]

When The Sex Pistols Came to Town, Part 1: Atlanta

On January 5th 1978 the Sex Pistols played their first show in the US, in Atlanta. And on Jan 14th they played their last show at San Francisco, California’s Winterland Ballroom. It just so happens that the first and last shows of that brief and meteoric tour are the two locations of Mixed Bag Media, […]