Silicosis Safety Precaution Photography

Silicosis is an incurable lung disease often documented among those in stone fabrication industries. In our first bi-coastal, hybrid video/photo shoot, we captured the story of a worker in San Mateo, CA who now suffers from the disease, then went to a countertop maker outside of Atlanta, GA to capture video and photography showing the work being done with correct safety equipment along with the necessary safety notices placed throughout the factory floor.

We were contracted through the Safety, Health, Environmental Services (SHES) group at Georgia Tech, who work closely with OSHA to provide consultation services to small and medium-sized businesses in Georgia. The California Department of Public Health is one of many organizations who share SHES developed safety information and guidelines as well. This is another great example of how we work with real people, where they are. When you need to capture video and/or photography of workers, write us at

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