We capture and create visual content for different companies, organizations, schools and more to use in marketing and promotional campaigns. For many years, we were focused on video creation only, but in 2019 added photography as a service we provide too. We understand that when we show up with a team of people, carts of equipment, cameras, lights and mics, that can be disruptive. Well, if we’re going to disrupt your day, let’s make the most of it and get high quality photography as well; that way we’re capturing an assortment of assets that can be used in a variety of ways, both on the current project we are focused on, but also when future needs arise.

One of many hybrid shoot success stories since 2019 is with Oro Loma Sanitary District. We were called in to produce a video detailing the specifics of their Nutrient Optimization Project as a way to share how innovative thinking and partnerships equal major cost-savings for residential customers throughout their service area in San Leandro, CA as well as helping to ensure the future viability of San Francisco Bay. Because this story was unusual – in a good way – we pitched and they agreed to having us take photos as well.

The video below lays out how the project came together, who the partners are and why this is important for everyone involved.
There are a few different ways to go about a hybrid shoot; what we most often pitch is to shoot a library of photography at the same time we are shooting video b-roll in order to show the people, processes, or products that are being featured in the story we’re capturing. Also to keep in mind, when the lights are on, powder has been applied, and hair is looking good for an on-camera interview, that can be a good time for new headshots or portrait photos too. The photo gallery below is a sample of the images captured throughout the day and can be used in any digital and/or print application.
When collaborating with clients to get a clear understanding of the project before shoot day, we talk through ideas during the pre-production and planning phase to see if a hybrid shoot is helpful and/or necessary. If not, great. If yes, great. Either way, our goal is to provide high-quality visual content that will help further your cause or campaign.

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