Considering our offices are in Atlanta, GA and near San Francisco, CA, dreaming about a white Christmas isn’t very practical. But the classic movie starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen is a favorite regardless. Like this movie, Jim and I both love all things old.

While not fitting under the vintage banner quite yet, we have quite a few examples of holiday videos we’ve created for clients and ourselves that we still hold dear. Much of what we’ve created for the holidays has an air of comedic flair like Bing and Danny share, but it’s also just plain heartwarming to think back on the collective creativity our team has brought to the table over the years and the many laughs and good times we’ve had together.
As in the closing number of White Christmas, when a holiday video production comes together, your heart swells, a tear forms in the corner of your eye, and there’s a sense of satisfaction for a job well done.

We genuinely love what we do and enjoy sharing that camaraderie and creativity with colleagues and clients throughout the year. Here’s to looking ahead toward new happy memories being created whether it’s a white Christmas or not.

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