Mapping Creativity Pt. 2

After Jim attended the Mapping Creativity #fieldtrip hosted by Creative Mornings, we had more than a few conversations and email exchanges about it. Talking about different ways of simply getting ideas out of your head started a whole new discussion.

After including our good friend, colleague, and lead video editor, David Robinson, he shared this article that includes some great advice, in addition to insights from an acclaimed documentary film.

I’ve been hearing about Jiro Dreams of Sushi for years and know that it’s a must see because of lines like this:

“The search for perfection does come at the price of creation and there are no guarantees only intention and conviction.”

This line made me think of an AP art class I took in high school and how I was always really terrible at “sketching” and just getting an idea out of my head and down on paper.
My teacher was great, everybody loved her, BUT thinking back now, I wish she had pushed me to let go and not be so uptight during the initial creation phase. The feeling of wanting something to be “right” (whatever that actually means) is still present, but I’m better at letting go now than ever before. There have been many, many ideas over the years that I have not even attempted because they seemed too hard to even start. If I had just started, the effort would’ve gone somewhere and yielded something.

I’ve been making a lot of new artwork during off hours this year and having a blast. By using tools and materials I literally haven’t touched in decades, I’ve been able to loosen up and just make marks on paper and start something. I haven’t needed a purpose to start, just starting has been the goal. Along with creating artwork to enjoy, by exercising creative muscles that haven’t been used in awhile, I’ve been having new photo/video ideas that I don’t think would’ve come to me before.

By sketching, by starting, by just doing something, it kickstarts the creative process. If you never start, there’s nowhere to go.

-Jon Milavec

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