You Don’t Need a Big Budget, Just Good Ideas!

This Content Marketing Institute article provides good data to back up our experience that both the popularity and need for high quality video content for business continues to grow; but the examples cited cover a wide range of budgets, so let’s take a closer look at what happens after a client knows they need a video. love coming up with ideas for new video projects; I can do it all day long, but can the client pay for those ideas? I’m not talking about just money either. Yes, some ideas can simply cost a lot because they are complex, but it’s also an investment of time. Of the six examples in this article, two could be done quickly and cheaply. The other four would all take a lot of time and tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars to produce.

Doesn’t everybody deserve good video? Yes, they do! We always start a new project conversation by asking “Who is your audience?” and “What are you trying to achieve with this video (or videos)?” The answers to those two questions will provide cues to what’s possible as we move forward.

The examples shown in relation to the 4 tips provided in the article are all great videos and projects, but they also show a very wide range of time and money needed to complete specific ideas that everyone may not be able to afford. The Ceros and Grainger examples could be done fairly quickly and cheaply. While I love both the Captain Morgan and Salesforce+ series, each would cost a lot in time and money to produce. We’ve told many clients over the years “Bring us in early, let us brainstorm with you” and we can develop a plan that aims big, but also checks off the really mundane details of “Can you pay for it?” and “Can you afford the time it takes?” are not a marketing firm, Mixed Bag Media is a video and photo production company and we ask good questions along the way; that’s why it’s always important to bring in video pros early. We often design production plans to fit specific budgets, that’s one area of many where we get creative and put our experience to work by thinking through different techniques and processes to execute a high level production for the budget the client can afford. We’d rather help the client figure out how to make a project work and build the relationship along the way, rather than say “Nope, we can’t do what you want for that amount. Bye!”

We see the production of smart • creative • visuals as a way of providing good customer service to clients large and small. Now, let’s jump on a call, talk through your ideas and get to work!

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