Unified Artists Guild Spec Spot

On location video and photo shoots are happening, but not like before Coronavirus rolled into town. Because marketing budgets are being cut and general safety concerns of the day, we’ve been working hard to not just implement already existing remote production techniques, but also develop new skills that can help us bring creativity and variety […]


At Mixed Bag Media, we hold the right to vote dear to our hearts. We get excited when it’s time to vote. We like to participate. Participating in our Democracy is fun! It’s vital. It’s our duty. This series of fourteen videos was started during the 2018 election season with more added now during the […]

Masterack Photo Library Shoot

The day started with a massive car crash on I-20 heading east from Atlanta to Social Circle, GA. Luckily we were not part of the crash, but when something like this happens, it’s easy to feel like it’s a bad omen for the day. Once we arrived at the Masterack manufacturing plant, all worries were […]

MBM’s Tips For Staying Safe on Set

While Covid-19 has slowed much of the world to a crawl, we have been fortunate enough to keep working over the last few months.  We help our clients keep communicating by creating new and fresh visual content. There are options for remote productions that yield great work, but sometimes on-location video and photo shoots are still […]

Adrenaline / Fast Company Innovation Awards 2020 PHOTO shoot

Adrenaline / Fast Company Innovation Awards Photo Shoot

When Adrenaline, an experience design agency in Atlanta, Georgia needed photos to complete their Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards 2020 entry, we sent photographer Jeremy Adamo because of his experience capturing beautiful interior design photography. Conducting a photo shoot during a pandemic can be a challenge, but with Adrenaline’s staff already working from home […]

When The Sex Pistols Came to Town, Part 2: San Francisco

I’ve been a listener, collector and player of music for decades. Like most people, I have distinct phases of fandom that have come and gone over the years. One in particular is a love of punk rock. That flame still burns hot. Not surprisingly, I’ve listened to the Sex Pistols quite a bit and it […]

Teenage Kicks

Mixed Bag Media Blog › Teenage Kicks: Jon Milavec

Just recently I had the great joy of seeing one of my nephews graduate from high school. The ceremony was in his school’s filled-to-capacity football stadium. The long line of almost 400 students stretched out right in front of me as they all made their way to the stage to receive their diplomas. The loud […]

The Emory Medal, The Highest Alumni Honor

We recently had the pleasure of working with our friends in the Emory University Alumni Association to produce videos celebrating the achievements of two alums: Honorees, Ambassador David Adelman, consultant to many on trans-Pacific trade and Richard Hubert, a long-time international health advocate, were both outstanding personalities to meet and be inspired by. While it’s […]

The Holidays Are Here (Again)!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Somedays I agree with that sentiment and somedays I do not. That’s right, the holidays are upon us and, as usual, it feels like I’m being caught by surprise. This is not the fault of the holidays, mind you – the calendar has been locked for quite […]

President Carter is in the Building!

“President Carter is in the building today” was the first thing we were told upon arriving on location for Day 1 of our recent two-day video shoot with the League of Women Voters and The Carter Center. Not the kind of thing you hear everyday, right? Let me back up and describe what got us […]

Virtual Reality Comes to Life

Technology within the world of video, film and television production changes very rapidly. The first time I saw something online about somebody strapping a bunch of GoPros together and making a 360 degree video, I didn’t quite know what to make of it. Pretty quickly I saw more examples. While strange, interesting and cool, I […]

Ah, Curses!

Let’s be honest – as a sports fan, it’s an unbelievable feeling when YOUR favorite team, or a team from your state, wins a title and/or championship and “goes to the show”. As a fan, you believe that you had something to do with it. There was so much excitement here in Atlanta when the […]