Unified Artists Guild Spec Spot

On location video and photo shoots are happening, but not like before Coronavirus rolled into town. Because marketing budgets are being cut and general safety concerns of the day, we’ve been working hard to not just implement already existing remote production techniques, but also develop new skills that can help us bring creativity and variety to clients across the board.

Our good friend and lead video editor, David Robinson, embarked on a journey of experimentation recently after being inspired by the spate of Verizon 5G commercials promoting the new service from coast to coast. From a technical, geeky point of view, we were impressed by how they put a large 3D “5G” in the environments you see throughout the commercials.

After digging into Adobe After Effects controls and figuring out adjustment details for how to make 3D elements of different sizes and shapes that can be placed in an environment, David had the bright idea to really take this experiment to the next level. We collaborated to craft a spec commercial/PSA spot showcasing how the built-in 3D Camera Tracker & a third-party plug-in called Element 3D can yield spectacular results.

By using stock footage, stock music, an original script consisting of words that describe and promote a fictional Arts group (Unified Artists Guild), we’ve created a spot ready for national distribution – if only the group actually existed!

Whether as the main story thread like in this piece or as visual punctuations like in the Verizon 5G commercials, this technique is flexible and can be used in many different ways to great effect.

To learn more about the possibilities, get in touch and let’s talk.

-Jon Milavec

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