At Mixed Bag Media, we hold the right to vote dear to our hearts. We get excited when it’s time to vote. We like to participate. Participating in our Democracy is fun! It’s vital. It’s our duty.

This series of fourteen videos was started during the 2018 election season with more added now during the 2020 campaigns. The idea was to create something, fun, funny, easily shareable, and with a point – you need to vote.

There are only (9) images here, but there are actually (14) videos to watch. Enjoy them all now!

Many Americans do not vote, but we all should. The ability to vote is the ability to change, grow and get better. America is not perfect by any means, but by participating, we all can have a say in how things change or not.

Nearly 100 million Americans have voted early this year. That’s a new record. It’s incredible. And wonderful. But it’s not enough; if you haven’t already, GO VOTE!

The power to change the country is in our hands.


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