Just a few weeks ago, I drove into the golden hills of Lafayette, California on my way to a new adventure. From my past life as Director of Photography for the DIY Network TV show Fresh From the Garden, shooting in a farming/garden environment was not new, but shooting in amongst grape vines on the side of a hill was. French inspired Raisin D’Etre winery sits on three acres that lead into a small canyon with red tail hawks floating high above. Harvest is not far in the future, but while there, I enjoyed shooting the owner/vintner Daniel caring for his vines while the grapes are still very small.
I recently started working with the Lamorinda Wine Grower’s Association after learning of the need for members to have imagery they can use for promoting themselves, and for the organization to have for promoting what they do on a larger scale. While Napa and Sonoma are only short drives to the north and newly popular California wine region Livermore is a short drive to the south, Lamorinda (the towns of Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda) sits right in between these other well known areas. We look forward to working with more local growers to show off what’s new and happening nearby.

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