Mixed Bag Media is a visual production agency. We create videos, and we capture photos, both onsite and from afar. We collaborate with clients to produce award-winning imagery that represents businesses, organizations and institutes of higher education for marketing and promotional purposes. As a bi-coastal team of visual veterans, we bring decades of experience to any and all projects.

Our Process

  • We are collaborators. We ask the right questions at the outset of any project so we can craft production plans that yield high-quality visual content.
  • We use tools and techniques in combination with decades of experience to produce work that is consistently original and impacts the target audience.
  • We are visual strategists with creative minds who enjoy the work we do. We combine technical know-how with heart and soul to produce content that speaks to people.

Our Vision

  • We are curious. We ask a lot of questions. We research and choose the right style, tools and techniques for both client work and personal projects.
  • We listen to, watch and experience different forms of media for personal enjoyment, but also as part of our creative process. Our diverse influences help us imagine new ideas.
  • We produce great work and our clients enjoy working with us.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe in the power of curiosity, the art of listening, the importance of collaboration, and the gift of creative possibility.
  • We endeavor to create the best videos and photos we can using all of our knowledge, skills and insight.
  • We collaborate with our clients to present their message creatively and effectively.
  • We strive to make content creation an enjoyable process for everyone involved.