Mixed Bag Media is a visual production agency. We create videos. We capture photos. We craft graphics. We collaborate with clients to produce visuals that will represent their organization for marketing and promotional purposes. As a bi-coastal team of visual veterans our aim is to spark the imagination of the viewer and make them say “WOW! I want to know more.”

Our Process

  • We are collaborators. We ask a lot of questions and then craft a plan to capture video and/or photos that will communicate a particular message to a particular audience.
  • We produce work that is of high quality, consistently original, and has real impact on the target audience.
  • We have fun. We are professional visual creatives. We combine heart, soul, imagination and more to have a good time doing what we do.

Our Vision

  • We believe that curiosity is a key ingredient to our success. It’s part of our secret sauce.
  • We love history, music and art, among many other things, and incorporate diverse references when coming up with ideas.
  • We appreciate the opportunity to do the work we do and always want our clients to enjoy the experience of working with us.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe in the power of curiosity, the art of listening, the importance of collaboration and the gift of creative possibility.
  • We endeavor to create the best videos and photos we can using all the knowledge, skills and insights at our disposal.
  • We aim to collaborate with our clients in order to communicate their message as effectively as possible, so the final product is a reflection of the original vision.
  • We strive to give the client MORE than they asked for; not just to come up with new answers to old questions, but to also ask entirely new questions.
  • And we try to make it an enjoyable process. We want everyone involved to have fun, to have a laugh and enjoy creating high quality original content.