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AMA“It’s How You Frame It”

You never know when you’ll see a possible shooting location. They can hide everywhere – they could be anywhere. That’s the thing about composing a scene – it’s all in how you frame the environment. As a great man once said: “Eye of the Tiger, Rock!”

One day I was walking from our office to lunch and decided to take a detour through the Candler Park golf course. As I walked along the fairways and greens I noticed a shaggy oasis and decided to take a look. On closer inspection it turned out to be a water trap that resembled a swamp. I took some pictures for reference – no telling when we might need a swampy background for a video and, if and when we did, this could make a good one. And it was just down the street, not miles and miles away!

Like beauty in the urban landscape, little settings that could be the backdrop of a scene are everywhere – you just have to keep your eyes peeled.

-Jim Threlkeld