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Set-wideIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! Somedays I agree with that sentiment and somedays I do not. That’s right, the holidays are upon us and, as usual, it feels like I’m being caught by surprise. This is not the fault of the holidays, mind you – the calendar has been locked for quite sometime. But while working hard to wrap up projects for the year, days and weeks fly by and then all of a sudden the holidays are here.

JimI do like the holiday season as it always seems like there’s an extra little bit of electricity in the air. People are making plans and doing things that may not be quite the same during Spring or Summer. Having a big turkey (Tofurkey for me, thanks) dinner with all the fixins doesn’t go down quite as easy when it’s hot outside. White chocolate peppermint lattes aren’t as good (or available for that matter!) during April showers or to celebrate May flowers. The holiday season is special and should be celebrated as such.

SetFor this year’s Mixed Bag Media holiday video, we decided on just a simple scene to demonstrate the spirit of the season. Using vintage ceramic figurines (from the antiques booth my wife and I run @hullabalooatl), we wondered how dogs might perceive a reading of the holiday classic “‘Twas the night before Christmas” as read by an elf. An overall ridiculous, but cute and funny scene that we hope triggers a laugh, sparks a smile and helps you remember (like it did for me), that the holidays really can be the most wonderful time of the year.

-Jon Milavec