Photo Libraries, Heat Waves & the Secrets of the Universe

As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun,” and that’s definitely true for us! When thinking about how to recap last year, I was surprised to realize when different projects took place. For instance, Masterack provided us with an opportunity to shoot a library of new photography for a website redesign that was in the works. That was all the way back in January of ’22! Their new website, featuring many of the images we captured, just debuted before the holidays, so that must be why it feels so much more recent. With a long list of shots to capture that included work vans, product shots and employees at work, everyone was happy with the great results.

Early last Summer, our friends in the Georgia Tech College of Sciences called us to begin work on a series of videos that will continue on into Summer of 2023. With a strong voiceover performance from the Dean, this first sizzle reel provides a look, but more importantly a feeling, for what the College of Science is all about.

While Georgia heat can be hard to work in, we set a new record for Mixed Bag Media when the temperature rose to 110 while shooting our first project for in Fairfield, CA. This is a story of how technology had to catch up with a great idea that is now going to help ranchers, farmers, vintners and many others who face challenges when it comes to industrial water usage.

One of the last projects of 2022 that bled over into January is a pair of videos for NRG Oncology – a cancer research organization with facilities around the world. When leadership for two prominent NRG initiatives all gathered in Atlanta, GA we shot interviews and b-roll to be used in these videos. Along with other footage and photos provided from the NRG archives, the videos were delivered on time and with only very minor tweaks.

We work hard to do a good job and provide our clients with the videos and photos they both want, and need, to communicate effectively with their audiences. Having fun is always on the To-Do list as well. If we have fun, that means our clients have fun too, and that just makes the whole process more enjoyable for everybody. Here’s to more working hard AND having fun in 2023!

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