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iPad set-up to HDTV

Here is the iPad set-up to HDTV

Who watched any of the annual Bonnaroo music festival live on YouTube recently? I did; and it was awesome! I pulled it up on my iPad, then used my Apple A/V cable to feed the video into my HDTV. Clear, mostly smooth-streaming video, and great sound right there on my home system. How far technology has come in such a short time!

I had seen a little bit of publicity about the live stream, but not a lot.  I think this was almost like a Beta test just to make sure it would work and to see roughly how many people would log in. I haven’t seen the numbers yet, but I’m curious. This, along with the upcoming London Olympics, will mark huge strides in how the viewing public watches “television”. TV is becoming more democratic than ever before, and this trend is not going to slow down. Producing content for viewing online is the new name of the game. It has been for me, and Mixed Bag Media, for along time now but it’s really exciting to see it becoming “common” at such a fast rate and, what that will mean in terms of possibilities for companies like us.

Another sign that this train has left the station for sure is that in a recent real screen article.

Original Productions founder Thom Beers said:

“Original Productions will soon be offering it’s extensive catalog and library direct to viewers in the digital world, as well as develop new content for online users for the first time.  Recent technology advances have shown us that there are no boundaries, and the opportunities to create dynamic and innovative IP are limitless; so, we’ll need the most extraordinary digital minds and innovators as we build our digital distribution portal.”

Thom Beers and Original Productions may not be household names, but the TV shows he and his company make are: Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers are TV favorites. For Original Productions to form an entirely separate arm of their company to focus solely on digital content is a huge sign to me that the money is there. Shows like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers are not inexpensive to produce. These folks don’t make TV for the fun of it, it’s a business, and online video is becoming big business very quickly.

Both of these examples are very clear signs, along with YouTube’s push into high-quality original content over the last few months, that there are exciting times ahead for Mixed Bag Media. We’ve done multi-part series for clients and have ideas for original content. The medium we’ve been working in for years is now becoming THE medium in which to produce. We’re there and ready. The future looks bright.

Ok, enough of my rambling, change the channel…I mean, change the URL!