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A few months ago, I was asked by Tara Lamboley of RevDemand, if I’d like to be the presenter during a webinar about how video marketing is changing the game for small business. I was thrilled that she asked, and accepted the offer to present.

It’s easy to talk about a lot of industry specific information in casual conversation, but compiling information to make a coherent 30 minute presentation is different. I joked with Tara along the way about how I felt like I was back in college and preparing to write some huge paper or give a presentation as a final exam. It turns out that creating this presentation was much like creating a video.

Preparation for how video is changing the game for small businessI had a wealth of information that I “could” pass along, but I had to find the “right” information to pass along. That’s the trick. Often, Mixed Bag Media clients have big messages to get across as well, yet we must tell their story in just a few minutes. To do that, we have to pick the “right” information to get the message across. I read many studies and reports, and poured over numerous graphs and charts of online video viewership, mobile video usage, ad click through rates and such, but I still had to find the “right” information. I think I did.

The most important point to me was the fact that watching video as a means of communication and often times marketing, is the new normal. Over half of the American population have smartphones. That means accessibility to videos, for almost anything you may want to know about, is within reach most of the time. That’s a major game changer from just a few years ago. YouTube debuted in 2005 and in December of 2011, over 43 billion videos were viewed online; 22 billion of those on YouTube alone. These are facts that cannot be ignored by marketers.

Mixed Bag Media is poised to be a major player in helping businesses and organizations of all sorts tell the story of their brand, product, service, or mission in compelling video form.

Here is the presentation in its entirety.

2012-09-13 10.58 How Video Marketing is Changing the Game for Small Businesses from Mixed Bag Media on Vimeo.