The Mixed Bag Media Team

Jon MilavecJon Milavec

Executive Producer/Creative Director


In 2006 Jon began creating video projects on his own for such clients as GE, Coke, Georgia Tech, Dell Computers, Mother Nature Network, InterContinental Hotels Group, Southwest Windpower and the Foundation of Wesley Woods, among others. As a producer/director, Jon’s strength, and Mixed Bag Media’s forte, is making short marketing and promotional videos that tell big stories within a short timeframe. Specifically he is exceptional at being able to effectively explain a client’s business in three to five minutes.

Jim ThrelkeldJim Threlkeld



Jim enjoys producing and writing for videos, especially the ones that Mixed Bag Media produces, which are often focused on Education, Technology, Culture and Science. As a writer he strives to express complex subjects in clear, understandable language. A 20 year veteran of the production industry, his work at Mixed Bag Media lets him bring all of his various experiences to bear on his job.

David RobinsonDavid Robinson

Motion Graphics Designer/Editor


David makes sure there are no headaches, heartaches or hassles in the post-production process at Mixed Bag Media. At least none that the client needs to worry about. David is passionate about his two beautiful daughters, music, and the work he does for a childhood friend’s non-profit foundation

Bryan Simmons Bryan Simmons

Production Ninja


Bryan’s talents are many; shooting, lighting, audio, and general production know how. Interests in art and tech theatre in high school led him to stage production and broadcast communication in college; resulting in a career of over 15 years working on hundreds of diverse media projects. With a Boy Scout mentality, he’s prepared for whatever comes his way and can always be counted on for hard work and creative results. He truly believes, “effective storytelling is what matters most.

 Amy Taylor Amy Taylor



One mantra people use about production work is “On time, and under budget” – and while that is good, Amy prefers, “Do really great work, and have a lot of fun doing it!”!
With over 20+ years of experience, and working for such companies as Walt Disney Feature Animation, Dreamworks, MTV, and The Weather Channel (Just to name a few)- Amy’s passion is everything entertainment…. Making others enjoy laugh, and to do everything with a smile.
When she’s not at the office, you can find her with her amazing friends and family , her dog Lola, or watching a Keanu Reeves movie, listening to Thirty Seconds to Mars or Bon Jovi….again, its all about smiling!
Come by, say hi – and let me know how I can help!!

 Richard Todd Aguayo Richard Todd Aguayo



Richard Todd Aguayo (“RTA”) was born in Brooklyn, NY, and has been part of the filmmaking process for over 20 years. Starting in front of the camera as an actor, then moving behind the lens in 1999, he’s directed, shot, and edited various projects, such as corporate videos, TV commercials, short films and music videos. At the root of his desire to tell stories is his passion for communication, and that passion is at the heart of everything he does.