Delta Airlines Employee Relations shoot

We were called upon to fill in for a day at Delta Airlines Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. This shoot was one of a series of internal communications videos being produced to inform employees about the details involved with the Delta/Northwest … Read More

Valentine’s Day Implosion

Mixed Bag Media was contracted by The Alisias Group to tape the implosion of an Atlanta Housing Authority property formerly known as MLK Tower in Southwest Atlanta. The implosion occurred early on Valentine’s Day morning 2010. The explosives used were … Read More

Piedmont Hospital Spine Center

VTA and TG Madison were so pleased with our first Piedmont Hospital shoot together that they called back with plans to shoot a similar project at Piedmont Hospital’s new Spine Center located right across from the hospital on Peachtree St. … Read More

Lockheed Martin F-22 safety training shoot

Lockheed Martin asked Jon Milavec to Direct and act as DP on a four-day training video shoot. The goal was to show new employees on the F-22 fighter jet production line why safety is of the utmost importance. Directing the … Read More

Piedmont Cancer Center shoot

Mixed Bag Media lead, Jon Milavec, was called upon by VTA and TG Madison to shoot a piece as part of the “Piedmont Cancer Center is turning the Big C into the little c” campaign. Through interviews with patients as … Read More

Rachael Ray Show / Mom makeover

Another Rachael Ray shoot within just a couple of weeks of our last! This time we headed to South Georgia to shoot a profile of a mom who was going to be made over to look like Cindy Crawford. This … Read More

Camera Tests

Colleague and friend, Ramsey Yount, joined me to shoot camera tests this Tuesday. Nothing too fancy, but after driving to mid-town Atlanta, near Georgia Tech, we shot traffic and people on the street. We shot with a wide range of … Read More

AT&T CEO shoot

Mixed Bag Media was called upon to shoot a quick interview with the CEO of AT&T while he was in town. Ralph De La Vega, the CEO, was very nice and easy to work with, although like most CEO’s, he … Read More

Let’s go Surfing now!

My wife and I took a long weekend and went to Cocoa Beach, Fl. It was great! More people on the beach than we’re used to, but that didn’t stop us from taking a surfing lesson and actually riding a … Read More

Go Green Expo

We were not working this event, but went to visit the expo floor, learn about some new products and do a little self-promotion along the way. While on the floor, we talked with companies that make LED lighting, Commercial-use solar … Read More