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When we got the call from UCB Pharmaceuticals with a plan to produce, shoot and edit over 100 videos in one day, it seemed kind of crazy. But as we always do, we took the time to figure out a plan and make it happen.

UCB had been working with the Arthritis Foundation to help people with rheumatoid arthritis. Surveys had been sent out to people who had been helped, asking them to tell the story of their “RA Victory”. These RA Victories could be anything from playing chess to picking up a grandchild, and many things in between. The idea for the video project was to shoot Thank You messages from UCB and Arthritis Foundation leadership thanking the people who wrote in for sharing their RA Victory and wishing them well in the future. The videos were being distributed via e-mail and social media channels with the hope of gaining buzz online about what UCB and the Arthritis Foundation were doing.

We assembled a crew working in two rooms side by side. In the production room, there was a camera operator, audio operator and teleprompter operator, while in the post room, we had one person that ingested and prepped footage for the editor who would add graphics, do minor color correction, adjust audio levels and create Quicktime master files, all as quickly as possible.

The Mixed Bag Media team fully produced and posted 157 videos in one day!

Others were shot, but posted later. The grand total was 208 videos.