Our Green Week

This was a very green week for us. It’s the kind of week we’d love to see more of: three great shoots, and all of them centered around taking concrete steps towards sustainability and environmentally conscious thinking.

New solar panels on Science Building

It started on Monday, when we shot the dedication ceremony for Agnes Scott College’s new solar panel installation. The panels are located on the roof of Bullock Science Center. Also, as part of their multi-year sustainability plan, geothermal wells to heat and cool Campbell Hall are being dug and prepped for production currently. Agnes Scott faces the unique challenge of not having room to expand, so they must convert the spaces they have to be more earth-friendly.

Georgia Tech student

On Wednesday we shot interviews for the Center for Business Strategies for Sustainability at Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business. We’re very excited to be helping to promote the Center and its work. They plan to provide leadership and guidance in sustainability in three main areas: academic research, teaching, and industry.

First Atlanta solar tree

Finally, on Thursday we shot the installation of Atlanta’s first Solar Energy Tree at Hannah Solar. It was, appropriately enough, a beautiful, sunny day. Though it’s the first, we hope there will be many more “planted” in the very near future.

So that was our green week. We hope to have many more!



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