Mixed Bag Media hires architectural photographers all around the U.S. to shoot for Adrenaline, an experience design agency with a focus on financial institutions. The most recent assignment was to showcase the newly installed wraparound digital signage in a 5th Ave. bank branch in the heart of New York City. Because of the marquee location, it was important to show how the sign presents during daylight and after dark. Notice the winter weather gear the passers-by are wearing – it was chilly on the street, but for New York in January, not too bad.

We’ve learned a lot over the last few years about crafting an architectural image and that’s why we love working with an artist like John Muggenborg to produce a successful shoot. John asked great questions and was a great collaborator, before, during and after the shoot to ideate on what would be captured, discuss what was possible and then decide on how parts and pieces from different images can come together to form one great shot. We love how the energy of the streaky yellow cabs help to provide the distinctive New York vibe of this final image. We are pros at collaborating across timezones, so when you have a need for photo or video, get in touch.

– NYC Street Photography on 5th Ave.

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