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Keeping up with technology, trends and techniques within the video/film world is not always easy, but it can be a lot of fun. We recently took a day to shoot three cooking demonstrations. Our goal was purely to experiment with new video techniques for cooking how-to’s, and hopefully come out with something that will impress future clients (they will, the footage is beautiful).

For how popular cooking and food-related shows are on TV, and online, I decided that would be a good topic area to focus on, and use as an excuse to experiment with new techniques and style. The problem with many cooking and food-related shows, especially online, is that many are not shot well and can be boring to look at, if not downright ugly sometimes. The food is the star and the mission is to make it look beautiful and make you want to eat it. We accomplished those goals.

It just so happens that MBM team-member Stacie Antich-Rodriguez has the skill and talent to make Cuban dishes of all sorts, so it was an easy decision on what to shoot. The MBM team arrived at her house on a sunny and hot Atlanta morning, where she had three separate dishes prepped and ready for us to shoot.

Batido de Trigo, or wheat shake, finishedPart of how this footage is going to be unique is that she never appears in the demonstrations. It’s a wonderful option for camera shy people, those who want to showcase a specific product, economical because you don’t need to hire on-camera talent, and timeless because companies won’t have to worry about featuring a specific individual. The product and/or process is the star!

Everything was shot with two Canon DSLR’s rolling at the same time. We always have two angles of action, and cut back and forth between the two in editing. Camera movement is limited to introduction of the ingredients shots and final beauty shots of completed dishes.

There will be music and graphics, but for our purpose no voice-over. The food is the focus. Each piece will not be long…approximately 2-3min. The idea behind this construction technique is to make these pieces as easy to follow and reference specific points when using one as a cooking aid while in the kitchen.

Now go and cook!