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Recently we were asked to work with Georgia Tech’s School of Mechanical Engineering to produce a promotional video for their Capstone Design Expo.

The School of Mechanical Engineering has corporate sponsors that help them buy expensive machinery, so the students can actually make the wild and wacky inventions they come up with which in many cases actually make it to market.  This video’s purpose is to give a very quick overview of what the program is all about, the excellent work going on there and the benefit that can be had by becoming a corporate sponsor.

This is very much in the style of Mixed Bag Media productions, in terms of interview-based storytelling. We were on-site for a total of maybe seven hours. The time-lapse footage was achieved with a GoPro camera shooting still images.  In five and a half hours, it shot over three thousand photos which when put together equaled 1min. 32sec. of footage. The client loved it and right away said they want to do more quick, punchy pieces with Mixed Bag Media to build their video library.

***When there is a clear message that needs to be communicated, like in this situation, craft the questions beforehand or sometimes in the moment to yield the answers needed for you to tell the story from an important character’s point of view.  In this piece, the main character is the head of the department, Dr. Craig Forest.  This video will be one sales tool in his arsenal when asking major corporations for hundreds of thousands of dollars.