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We recently received a call from Grand Central Marketing out of Texas. They were looking for a production team to shoot a top-secret promo to go along with a Bravo TV show premiere. Upon meeting up to scout locations, we found out that Atlanta Housewife Kandi Burress was going to have her own show premiering on the network soon, and it would be called Kandi Factory. She would be searching for the next great R&B star.

We assembled a team of seven people to handle the lighting, audio and five cameras all rolling at the same time. The set-up was that during Blake’s (a famous Atlanta gay bar) weekly karaoke, someone from the crowd would take their turn on stage and start singing the TLC hit “No Scrubs,” which Kandi wrote. She would then walk through the audience with a handheld mic and sing-a-long with this person, even after getting on stage. Then she would continue on to sing her new single that hit the airwaves the same day her show premiered.

We set up early, did multiple rehearsals and test after test of equipment, because having something not work in the moment was not an option. It was going to happen once and that’s it.

Having a great team, rehearsing and testing all paid off – we captured everything, and it looked and sounded great! Everyone was happy and we saw our work on-line at about a week later as part of the promo package for Kandi Factory.