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AMA“Hooray for Hollywood!”

The holidays of 2016 are already a distant memory, and January is coming to a close. While some might be very happy about 2017 coming on fast and furiously, others might be experiencing signs of melancholy.

One could ask, “What in the world do we have to look forward to now? Where is the excitement? Where is the pomp and circumstance? Where is the glitz and the glamour?”

Well don’t worry, there IS another season upon us … That’s right, it’s award season, baby!
Hooray for Hollywood!

In case you live under a rock, don’t own a TV or avoid all social media at all costs, the beginning of the year marks the start of a celebration season of everything Hollywood. The Golden Globes, the People’s Choice, the Bafta’s, the Screen Actors Guild awards, and the holy grail of the Hollywood rat race, The Oscars.

There are a lot of award shows on display, it can be hard to keep up. But fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Some awards shows have already been held this year, but if you missed them, you can find the nominees and winners for the Golden Globes and the People’s Choice Awards to get a sense of all the favorites and critical darlings so far.

For the remaining ceremonies – here is the glitzy rundown.

The British Academy Film Awards (Baftas ) were announced, January, 10, and the ceremony will air on BBC One on Sunday February 12, 2017. For all of the details, visit Bafta.

The Screen Actors Guild awards will air on Sunday,January 29, 2017 on TBS/TNT. For all of the details, visit the SAG Awards.

The Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday, January 24, 2017. The 89th Oscar telecast will air February 26, 2017, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. For everything Oscar related, go to

For me, this is one of my favorite times of year. I truly love everything about it. I was lucky enough to live and work in Hollywood for many years, and thankfully, I never really became jaded. Yes, the traffic around the venues on the day of the ceremonies was a nightmare, but it was LA, traffic was always a nightmare!

I feel like am the person that the movies are made for. I love it all. I truly love it all – the movies, the awards, the glamour, the speeches…everything. I don’t think that just because a movie has subtitles that it is automatically deemed it a great movie. Conversely just because a movie is slated as a comedy, doesn’t make it a funny film.

For me, I still cheer – okay, and also get chocked up (Don’t judge!) – when Daniel LaRusso does the crane move at the end of “Karate Kid,” wins the match, and frankly, the hearts of everyone. I freak out when I think of the twins in the “Shining,” and I get all excited watching the action-packed moves of Keanu Reeves in “John Wick.” In fact, “John Wick, Chapter 2” opens in theatres on February 10, just an FYI. And “SHIRLEY” you must know that I laugh at pretty much every line in “Airplane.” See what I did there??

So, now that the Oscar nominations are out, I must print out my ballot and get to work, because there is a lot to see, and a lot to LA LA LOVE!!

On the actual show, AKA my sacred day, (seriously, I’m not playing), I have a very small circle of people that I can actually watch the awards with; I choose them wisely. I can’t just watch the pre-show, show, and after show with just anyone. This is my church, and silly or not, I take it very seriously. For example, when Jared Leto was receiving many accolades for his role in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”, the rule was – Do Not Speak when he speaks, and the rule was not to be deviated from.

A. He is a great actor.

B. I thought he did an incredible job as the character, Rayon.

C. He is very pretty!

Why would you talk during someone’s speech? This is the cardinal sin, and will get you kicked out of the VIP section quicker than Luca Brasi sleeping with the fishes. Moment of truth… I actually broke up with someone for talking during a movie. No lie.

So, I say again Hooray for Hollywood. Enjoy the Awards season. See Everything, not just the blockbusters, but the documentaries, the animated shorts, the foreign language films. And please be sure and stay and watch the credits. These 7 minutes of names of people you may or may not know represent extremely hard work to make that movie magic…And it is just that. Pure magic.

-Amy Taylor

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