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Dr. David Addis talks about Dr. William Foege who helped eradicate small poxOver the years, I’ve told plenty of people this, but what I love most about my job is all the different people I meet. I’m in the midst of two projects right now, one for the Georgia Tech Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and the other for the YWCA of Northwest Georgia. While conducting interviews over the last two weeks for these two projects, I have met some truly incredible people.

The Georgia Tech piece is actually a tribute video honoring Dr. William Foege, one of the doctors responsible for the eradication of Small Pox, among many other things. To hear tales of him traveling the world and helping people from every imaginable socioeconomic classification is truly impressive. And he’s done this for decades with a smile on his face. Each person interviewed talked about how humble and happy he is. I look forward to meeting this man some day.

Interview with a victim of domestic violence for YWCA project

The video Mixed Bag Media is producing for the YWCA of Northwest Georgia touches much closer to home. This is a piece to show at their annual fund-raising event taking place at the Cobb Galleria Centre this year. We interviewed three local survivors of domestic violence and just to imagine what they’ve been through is painful, but to see their strength and willingness to tell their stories in order to help others is inspiring.

We tell people’s stories and hope viewers are impacted in some way. We’ve worked on many projects like these before and hope to keep doing so in the future. It’s a privilege to have people trust you with their personal stories. We do our very best to honor them.