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Agilent Technologies provides Georgia Tech largest gift in University History


GT_Agilent_webMixed Bag Media was contacted by the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering to produce a video for an upcoming lab dedication ceremony. Why would that be important? Because Agilent Technologies provided this School with the largest gift in University history – $50Million in software!

This isn’t word processing software we’re talking about, the hardware and software these folks use is for taking the most minute and detailed of measurements when figuring out stuff like exactly how much voltage gets through a specific type of circuit. That’s probably still oversimplifying what they do, but the gist is that this gift is huge, and needed for these students and faculty to work at such a high level.

Back to why we were called…University leadership, as well as the CEO of Agilent Technologies would be on hand for this lab dedication and they needed a video that would talk about what GT ECE does, why this gift is so meaningful to them, and why it’s great to have partners like Agilent. After spending two days shooting in labs and interviewing some extraordinary people, we accomplished those goals and more.

Part of what’s so fun about what we do is the people we meet. Of the guys we interviewed, one is 22 years old, has already sold one technology company, and has three others right now. Another person was a driving force in memory capacity for CD’s, then DVD’s, the Blu-Ray discs. That guy made my life easier by making data storage better, bigger and easier. And another works with students everyday to study and develop new ways to make the internet faster. He’s making my life easier too, because once fast internet speeds are prevalent throughout the U.S. there will be fewer barriers to distributing, watching and using video anywhere and everywhere!