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Group interview with students at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio.Four bags…125 pounds…Dayton, OH…in January.  Why would I do this?  For a video shoot of course!  It was the second shoot of twelve that will happen during the course of a three-year project with Bedford St. Martin’s, the college textbook publisher you may have heard of.  We went to Dayton to work with five students at Sinclair Community College and get their stories on-camera.

Figuring out how to pack enough cameras, lighting and audio equipment to do a sit-down group discussion/interview is not easy, but I did it.  After buying some new pieces of equipment (including a small Behringer 1002B audio mixer because it was the smallest I could find with five XLR mic inputs), and hiring a sound mixer (Keith Rentz) from Cincinatti, I had all the pieces in place to make for a successful shoot.

After the Dateline-style group discussion/interview, we shot individual interviews and b-roll with each person.  I used a Canon T2i DSLR for the interviews, but stuck with my Panasonic HVX200 for B-roll.  Because we had so little time, it was easier to get more footage by going at it like this.

Up next for this project, we’ll be going somewhere deep in the heart of Texas.  The city has not been confirmed, but Amarillo is a possibility.  I’m looking forward to the food already!