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For awhile I’ve been intrigued with the challenge of shooting product videos that are useful, usable, and still look really nice, so we took a day to figure it out. As our main subject, we chose the Leatherman Hybrid Garden Pruner multi-tool. We used a small, tabletop set-up for many of the shots, but also clamped the tool in a C-stand gobo head to get some shots that look like it’s floating in mid-air.

We moved on from the Leatherman to shoot shoot macro close-ups of a watch. These shots were great looking when we landed one, but actually really hard to do, because the focal plain was so thin that every time you moved the camera, your focus was totally out by the time you came back to your starting position. Still though, we got some great shots.

Lastly, my wife makes amazing jewelry with vintage buttons, so we used a collection of button rings to practice getting group shots of small objects. It was really interesting and fun to figure out how to get enough light on the rings so they looked good, but not too much to overexpose the white card they were sitting on. We also placed the rings in a glass vase and shot within the vase, so the glass became just a strange and texturized container, rather than being seen as an obvious glass vase.

Overall, this was a great day of learning and preparing to use new techniques on new projects. Rather than the familiar “Go Big!”, on this day, our battle cry was “go small.”