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The Bobby Dodd Institute is an Atlanta based non-profit that helps people with disabilities, and military veterans, find work. These populations of individuals have a hard time finding jobs even in the best of financial climates, but with things as they are now, and have been for awhile, it can be a struggle. One way BDI works to place people is by forming partnerships with companies and corporations of different types. BDI puts a lot of work into placing the right people in the right jobs, so everyone can succeed.

I’ve been working with BDI for a number of years, but this is the first time when they’ve hired me and Mixed Bag Media to fully produce projects for them. By shooting throughout December and turning in Master versions of videos in January, we produced two new training/orientation videos that will be used for years to come. One is for Clients, those with disabilities, who are new to the Bobby Dodd Institute. The second is for new Staff employees who work at either of the two BDI locations, or on-site with a partner company, but are still considered  BDI employees.

Every time I work with BDI, I learn something new and am impressed with their work. They literally change people’s lives everyday! Mixed Bag Media is honored to be part of such good work.