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Waves of Change

Who watched any of the annual Bonnaroo music festival live on YouTube recently? I did; and it was awesome! I pulled it up on my iPad, then used my Apple A/V cable to feed the video into my HDTV. Clear, … Read More

In the Hot Seat

The majority of video producers and crew people prefer to be behind the camera and cringe, if not actually complain loudly, if there is a need to be in front of the camera lens. Not that I’ve ever had a … Read More

Helping the City of Refuge

Recently, I had the pleasure of being asked by Nightglass Media Group to shoot an event with them.  Rise Up Atlanta ( had organized a day of service to help City of Refuge (, a facility located in statistically the … Read More

Technology and Moving Pictures

For a medium that is barely over 100 years old, moving pictures are often bogged down by the technology that makes them possible in the first place.  Since the Lumiere brothers had their first private moving picture screening in 1895 … Read More

Fast Company Magazine’s “Innovation Uncensored”

Last year, about this time, I attended Innovation Uncensored, an event organized by Fast Company magazine in New York City. The event was a day chock full of presentations by thought leaders in different fields. There were no slouches there; … Read More

A week of higher education and a milestone

Mixed Bag Media got schooled last week.  In a good way!  While I was in Tom’s River, NJ shooting at Ocean County College with Bedford St. Martin’s (the textbook publishers), we had one crew starting a new marketing video project with Oglethorpe … Read More

I am proud to tell Dr. William Foege’s Story

As part of Georgia Tech’s IVAN ALLEN COLLEGE OF
 LIBERAL ARTS FOUNDER’S DAY events, an outstanding person is awarded with the Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for 
Social Courage.

Ivan Allen Jr., Atlanta’s Mayor from 1962-1970, did not conform to his … Read More

Giving and Giving Back-both globally and locally

Over the years, I’ve told plenty of people this, but what I love most about my job is all the different people I meet. I’m in the midst of two projects right now, one for the Georgia Tech … Read More

Dateline-Dayton, Ohio

Four bags…125 pounds…Dayton, OH…in January.  Why would I do this?  For a video shoot of course!  It was the second shoot of twelve that will happen during the course of a three-year project with Bedford St. Martin’s, the college textbook … Read More

Mixing it up with Georgia Tech Geniuses

Recently we were asked to work with Georgia Tech’s School of Mechanical Engineering to produce a promotional video for their Capstone Design Expo.

The School of Mechanical Engineering has corporate sponsors that help them buy expensive machinery, so the students … Read More