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We won a Telly for “Invention Studio”!

We’re proud to announce that we won a Telly Award for “Invention Studio”, a piece we did for Georgia Tech last year. The Invention Studio is a place where Georgia Tech students are free to try out their ideas using … Read More

From Tragedy to Tradition: Fifty Years of Bluegrass in Suwanee

A mild mannered guy in his 40s with a guitar case in his hand pushed past me and through the door that led into the kitchen. As he opened it I could hear the sound of a spirited bluegrass jam … Read More

Our Green Week

This was a very green week for us. It’s the kind of week we’d love to see more of: three great shoots, and all of them centered around taking concrete steps towards sustainability and environmentally conscious thinking.

It started on … Read More

Oglethorpe “Core” Video Gets MarCom Awards Honorable Mention

We were very excited to learn recently that the video we made for Oglethorpe University last year, “Oglethorpe University at the Core,” had received an honorable mention for the 2013 MarCom Awards. The MarCom Awards are given to individuals … Read More

Riding the airwaves of 90.5fm

Last Saturday, my wife and I made our annual trip back to Athens, GA to enjoy alumni weekend at our alma mater radio station, WUOG, 90.5fm. We both were on-air DJ’s during our college years and are always anxious … Read More

Bring your dog to work day

After waiting for far too long, I decided to finally bring my dog into work today. His name is Bingo and he’s a flat-coated retriever mix who is very sweet and gentle. He already is spending time with each of … Read More

When I did NOT think about a camera

When experiencing something out in the world, I often think about how great it would be to have a video camera there documenting this cool “thing” that is going on; whatever it is. That’s if I’m not there with a … Read More

Close-up Fun Day in the Studio!

For awhile I’ve been intrigued with the challenge of shooting product videos that are useful, usable, and still look really nice, so we took a day to figure it out. As our main subject, we chose the Leatherman Hybrid … Read More

Over 100 Videos Produced in One Day!

When we got the call from UCB Pharmaceuticals with a plan to produce, shoot and edit over 100 videos in one day, it seemed kind of crazy. But as we always do, we took the time to figure out … Read More

Kandi at Blake’s!

We recently received a call from Grand Central Marketing out of Texas. They were looking for a production team to shoot a top-secret promo to go along with a Bravo TV show premiere. Upon meeting up to scout locations, … Read More