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It’s Award Season, Baby!

“Hooray for Hollywood!”

The holidays of 2016 are already a distant memory, and January is coming to a close. While some might be very happy about 2017 coming on fast and furiously, others might be experiencing signs of melancholy.

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The Swamp on the Golf Course

“It’s How You Frame It”

You never know when you’ll see a possible shooting location. They can hide everywhere – they could be anywhere. That’s the thing about composing a scene – it’s all in how you frame the environment. … Read More

Light on a Stick: GT CoE Labs Tour

“A Six Month Tour”

This entry is going to be a little different than the usual Light on a Stick essay. The job and the process described below turned out to be one of the longest production periods (if not … Read More

Light on a Stick: A Mixed Bag Media Production Diary

Introduction: “What is a Light on a Stick?”

I started out in the production business working as a producer in traditional cel animation and broadcast motion design. Imitating classic Hannah-Barbara and Warner Brothers characters and styles and recontextualizing them in … Read More

DigSouth 2015: Curiosity does not kill any feline life forms (indeed, it is a force for good)

“Friends, are you ”bored with life?” Have you, “seen it all?” Do you suffer from boredom? From ennui?

“Then friends, I’d like to talk to you today about something that can help. Something that can deepen your experience of life, … Read More

“Blockbuster Results on a B-movie Budget” – The AMA Presentation in Austin

Mixed Bag Media president Jon Milavec, along with J.D. Fite (Associate VP for Marketing and Public Relations at Agnes Scott College), and Megan McRainey(Assistant Director of Media Relations at Emory University), presented at this year’s American Marketing Association conference on … Read More

Interviewing Banjo Legend Jeff Mosier

We had a great time yesterday interviewing the legendary Jeff Mosier (Aquarium Rescue Unit, Blueground Undergrass, Mosier Brothers) about his formative years learning to play bluegrass banjo as a young man at Everett’s Music Barn (we’re interviewing Jeff right in … Read More

Project Interconnections, Inc. Silent Auction

Last night’s Project Interconnections silent auction was a great evening for a great cause. Jon, Stacie and Jim from the MBM team were at the event, and we were pleased and honored to see the video we made for PII … Read More

And a Communicator Award, too!

First it was a Telly. Now “Invention Studio” has won a Communicator Award! Thanks again for the opportunity, Georgia Tech. We couldn’t be more proud!

Invention Studio was produced and directed by Jon Milavec, shot by Jon Milavec and Bryan … Read More

Why Are You Here?

Ten years ago, my not yet wife, Lynn Harris Medcalf, and I went to Washington, D.C. to participate in The March For Women’s Lives. It was a bigger event than I had ever seen or been a part of … Read More