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Total Eclipse at the Guidestones

As the first total solar eclipse to be seen coast to coast in the U.S. since 1918 approached, I was excited to learn that the “Great American Eclipse” path of totality would be within driving distance of Atlanta. Talk about … Read More

Virtual Reality Comes to Life

Technology within the world of video, film and television production changes very rapidly. The first time I saw something online about somebody strapping a bunch of GoPros together and making a 360 degree video, I didn’t quite know what … Read More

Ah, Curses!

Let’s be honest – as a sports fan, it’s an unbelievable feeling when YOUR favorite team, or a team from your state, wins a title and/or championship and “goes to the show”. As a fan, you believe that you had … Read More

Atlanta Ballet’s New Vision

When we got the call from our friends at about possibly shooting a promotional video for the Atlanta Ballet, I was immediately excited. I knew the subject matter would lend itself to amazing footage, so then it would … Read More

The DR is in the House

Life in the Digital Revolution

It is the medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action. The “message” of any medium or technology is the change of scale or pace or pattern that it … Read More

Superbowl Drama

Life Changing Journeys During the Break

Every year as the Super Bowl draws near, anticipation builds. People are not just excited about the action on the gridiron, but also about a new batch of commercials that will air during the … Read More

It’s Award Season, Baby!

“Hooray for Hollywood!”

The holidays of 2016 are already a distant memory, and January is coming to a close. While some might be very happy about 2017 coming on fast and furiously, others might be experiencing signs of melancholy.

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The Swamp on the Golf Course

“It’s How You Frame It”

You never know when you’ll see a possible shooting location. They can hide everywhere – they could be anywhere. That’s the thing about composing a scene – it’s all in how you frame the environment. … Read More

Light on a Stick: GT CoE Labs Tour

“A Six Month Tour”

This entry is going to be a little different than the usual Light on a Stick essay. The job and the process described below turned out to be one of the longest production periods (if not … Read More

Light on a Stick: A Mixed Bag Media Production Diary

Introduction: “What is a Light on a Stick?”

I started out in the production business working as a producer in traditional cel animation and broadcast motion design. Imitating classic Hannah-Barbara and Warner Brothers characters and styles and recontextualizing them in … Read More