Mixed Bag Media

Although HOW we do business has changed temporarily, communication must continue. Our team of creative professionals and visual thinkers create eye-catching imagery and tell compelling stories. We have already developed new processes and a virtually connected workflow to accommodate for visual production at a distance. Whether onsite and socially distant or working from afar, we are here to help.

With offices in Decatur, GA (near Atlanta) and Concord, CA (near San Francisco) we serve both coasts and everywhere in between. We keep active relationships with a wide network of creative professionals for shooting locally around the U.S. and can provide remote production services anywhere in the world.


Mixed Bag Media: Jon Milavec

As the Principal and Creative Director of Mixed Bag Media, I love asking questions and one of my favorites is a simple ‘why’? Why do you want to make a video? Why do you need photos? Why do you want to go Live? I’m naturally curious and want to learn more about my clients and what they are trying to achieve. Helping clients distill complex messages into easy-to-understand storytelling is a highlight of our work. Asking good questions is how I start that process.

While leading the charge on photo and video projects in Northern California where I live, I also am involved with projects based out of the Atlanta, GA office.

As a collector of stuff—records, radios, cameras, guitars and more—I enjoy imagining how and why things get made. Big ideas and small details intrigue me. I draw a lot of bad storyboards, I’ve been in a few bands, and I’m an avid hiker of trails in the Bay Area with my wife Lynn and our dog Bingo.

Let me know when you’re free and we can Zoom, Skype, G-chat over coffee, lunch or beer.


Mixed Bag Media: Jim Threlkeld

Jim has always loved old school animation (Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, Rocky & Bullwinkle to name a few), and not long after graduate school, began his career in television production by working at an Atlanta animation studio, producing on-air promos for Cartoon Network.

He made the move from animation to live action when he joined Mixed Bag Media in 2013.

As the Producer in charge of the Atlanta office of Mixed Bag Media, he stays busy booking projects, writing scripts and producing videos, among many other things. He loves to hang out with his wife and daughter and their many animal friends (two cats and a dog). He also enjoys walking in graveyards, listening to music, and reading.

Every Wednesday our intrepid producer attends practice with his band Floating Coats, for which he writes songs, plays guitar (and a little bass and drums) and sings.

He loves the sound of birds, and hates the sound of leafblowers. Usually these are in direct competition.

Like many Americans Jim enjoys a fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning.

Our Team

We make a concerted effort to bring creative and curious people together so big ideas can emerge. Depending on the project and the skills needed, we hand pick the professionals that will make up the brain-trust for your project and begin the collaboration process. Teamwork, talent, care and collaboration make for great results.

Mixed Bag Media Team
Mixed Bag Media Team
Mixed Bag Media Team