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Interview with students at Ocean County College, New JerseyMixed Bag Media got schooled last week.  In a good way!  While I was in Tom’s River, NJ shooting at Ocean County College with Bedford St. Martin’s (the textbook publishers), we had one crew starting a new marketing video project with Oglethorpe University, and a different crew shooting a press briefing by Excelencia in Education on the campus of Georgia Tech.

The New Jersey shoot was the third of nine we’ll be doing around the country with Bedford over the course of three years and which will result in at least 36 separate videos covering a variety of topics, but all under the umbrella of College Success.

The bell tower at Ogleghorpe University in Atlanta Ga.One goal of the marketing video project we’re doing with Oglethorpe University is to highlight their CORE curriculum.  Now, their “CORE” is different than what most people mean when they talk about core curriculum. The CORE at Oglethorpe comprises nine specific courses, which connect every students’ studies and guides them through all four years creating more critically thinking individuals. The goal is to produce graduates who will serve their community well.  Just hearing about it makes me want to go back to school there!

Excelencia in Education aims to accelerate higher education success for Latino students.  The press briefing we shot at Tech was to announce an executive summary and research-based fact sheets detailing the current status of Latino college attainment in all 50 states and the country.

Colleges and Universities and all of their associated departments have a lot of important stories to tell and recognize that video is the way to accomplish it.  We’ve been working with Georgia Tech University for a while and are making efforts to expand our reach into the world of higher education.  Last week was a big step in the right direction.

The Oglethorpe University shoot also marked a Mixed Bag Media milestone.  As owner of the company, it was the first MBM project shoot on which I was not present. Letting go was a big deal! But, I had two of my most trusted crew people on-location.  I look forward to that happening a lot more in the future.