Mixed Bag Media is an Atlanta video production studio. We are experienced storytellers who create powerful videos for screens of all sizes.

With a variety of screens within easy reach, customers, supporters, fans and friends have the ability to explore a wide range of ideas, personalities and places. As storytellers and creators, the Mixed Bag Media team loves producing content that will resonate with viewers.

Curiosity is a shared characteristic among Mixed Bag Media team members. As a group, we bring knowledge from wide and varied backgrounds together in one place, and share the desire to make great videos that people want to see. We brainstorm, we discuss, we sketch, we toss out and finally move forward with ideas that are fresh, customized and specific to each project. A doctor we once interviewed said that curiosity was the key to health, a good life, and a long career. We think that applies to video production as well.

By bringing our experience, passion, creativity, curiosity and love of the medium to each project, Mixed Bag Media produces videos that can captivate an audience and keep them watching. Our talented team is ready to collaborate with you to craft your compelling story.